Colleen Cheechalk is a Graphic Designer, Website Developer + Squarespace Expert specializing in the needs of creatives and emerging entrepreneurs

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Website Design with Squarespace

Your new site in just five business days


Custom Website Design

Make a lasting first impression that attracts, manages and helps retain potential clients and customers with a brand forward, custom website design…done for you in just 5 days.


What You’ll Receive

  • Comprehensive branding and social media review

  • Original brand forward design

  • Custom Graphics and Design Elements

  • 6 crafted pages + Blog Setup

  • Launch in just 5 business days

  • Personalized Training Including Video Tutorials


Bonus: Social Media Templates

If you schedule your build before October 1st, 2019, you’ll receive a set of 15 branded social media templates that compliment your design theme as our gift to you.




Our 3 Step Process

During your build week, you’ll have our undivided attention.

We only work with one client at a time to ensure the highest quality experience for you throughout the entire process. While a custom build itself takes only 5 days, there is some work that goes on behind the scenes while you wait for your appointment. It’s a three step process that immerses you in the process of developing your brand and how it will translate to the design of your website.


Why We Design with Squarespace

While Squarespace is know for its stunning and artistic do it yourself templates, it is also a powerful platform that can scale to the needs of most every business. Like Wordpress, Squarespace can also be used to create unique designs. But rather than develop on open source code that can be manipulated, Squarespace has a proprietary platform that provides protection from outside threats, and an intuitive interface that makes the design and build process not only safer, but faster, which means more value for our clients.


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